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Case handling

Digital contracting

With VAIONICS Suite, you can conclude contracts digitally and in compliance with eIDAS. You can easily upload blank contracts and provide them with individual placeholders. This way, the system independently fills in name, address, etc. for you. You also specify where the contracting parties should sign. When the preparation of the contract documents is completed, the system automatically sends information to the contracting parties with an invitation to sign the contract. VAIONICS Suite monitors the progress for you. With our solution you can sign as many contracts as you want in just one step. The process is enabled via a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and is logged in a traceable and audit-proof manner.


Setting up a new network is not just about signing contracts with the network operator or the workshop. The setup follows a classic project with responsibilities and status. Tasks are assigned and monitored. Requirements for workshops can be defined and documented in the system. For example, if your workshop needs a wallbox for charging electric vehicles, this is a requirement on the plant for auditing as a contract workshop. As soon as the contracts are concluded and the requirements are met, orders can be placed and invoiced via the system.

Case handling

Don't just place orders with any workshop. To satisfy your customers, it should be the workshop that is best suited. Either because of proximity to the customer, special skills, availability of spare parts or other reasons. VAIONICS Suite manages this placing process for you and sends an order to the workshop in real time. The latter responds to the request just as quickly and is awarded the contract. This way, your customer or, for example, the driver of a tow truck knows where the vehicle should be taken in order to help quickly. In addition to the direct assignment of orders, you can also broadcast the case and send it to all suitable workshops in the vicinity. This way, cases can also be monetized by insurance companies. Talk to us to learn more...


Accounting for orders by paper was yesterday. Today, customers, clients and workshops expect to be able to invoice digitally. This is made possible by the VAIONICS Suite. Orders placed can be invoiced in no time at all. You receive the invoices structured and automatically. The system can also create consolidated SEPA files to simplify the payment process.

Small and new OEMs

With VAIONICS Suite you can find the most suitable workshop that can help your customer the fastest. This may be your own workshop network or a third party. It makes the market entry phase much easier if you can fall back on an existing network in order to initiate repair and maintenance orders.These orders can be transmitted fully digitally with VAIONICS Suite. We offer front ends for all stakeholders in the web browser. Alternatively, you can connect our system to your existing IT infrastructure via API.
The reduction of repair time in the workshop has a direct positive impact on the cost per case. Not only are costs saved for rental cars, for example. The customer experience is unique. You have the opportunity to offer your end customer a predefined workshop repair product scope to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Roadside Assistance Provider & insurance companies

Ensuring that a car is repaired quickly not only ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction. It's a real business case because of the savings on rental cars and hotel stays. The integration of VAIONICS Suite into the Bosch Roadside Assistance Service enables the handover of RSA cases to a workshop network. Different preferences for the appropriate workshop can be selected. Special competencies, current capacities, spare parts availability, distance to site, etc.


Even as an independent workshop, it's great to be part of one or more networks. Additional business comes on its own and optimizes the utilization of your company. Relevant data about an order comes structured and fully digital. This way, they can be optimally integrated into your operational processes. Qualification of your employees pays off immediately. Because the connected networks know about your skills, you receive additional suitable orders for this qualification.


Your customers benefit from an all-around digital process that can be tracked in real time. You can connect VAIONICS Suite as a platform to your existing systems and integrate it into your apps. This way, your customers experience real added value and the service of the future today.
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